To the Newton\'s law problem solving \'teaching material opinion Huang Dingqian, Jiang Zhiqiang (Beijing Railway Electrification school 102202) secondary school students to learn physics, the first contact is the content of mechanics. Students\' understanding of physics research methods also from mechanics started. Therefore, physics teaching in the technical peuterey Jackets Uk secondary school at this stage to actively guide students by observing, thinking and comprehensive application of the method, peuterey Outlet not only to master the necessary concepts.... Objective: To investigate the gentian violet staining was used to distinguish viable sperm and sperm death possibility to provide a decision sperm survival rate of the new method, in order to provide the Peuterey Canada basis for the detection and quality evaluation of the semen. Methods: the gentian violet solution of different concentrations of stain on the semen samples, in optical microscope to peuterey Jackets Online observe the staining results, discussed distinguish viable sperm and sperm death standard, and peuterey Jackets count a certain quantity of total sperm number, survival rate was calculated, and the calculation results with the standard method of comparison. Results: after crystal violet solution (0.05%, M \\/ V) staining under the microscope sperm survival showed light blue, and dead sperm showed a dark purple, is obtained to calculate the survival rate and peuterey Toronto the Iranian red staining method (0.5%, M \\/ V) of the comparative differences in statistical significance (t=0.862, bilateral P=0.403).


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